Singing Rock Tarzan Light beülő

Singing Rock Tarzan Light beülő

Fully adjustable full body harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks

front attachment point for belaying and rappeling according to EN 12277 type C
easy to put on
left leg loop with red color inside
removable shoulder straps with SPEED buckle
anatomic waist belt and leg loops
buckle with a captive bar matches strict American standards (ANSI, CSA), 
its minimum strength is 17.2 kN, corrosion resistance is tested by spraying 
in a salty chamber for a period of 48 hours
no webbing slippage in a buckle
construction ensures longtime operation and efficiency 
(easy releasing and fastening even when dirty and tough webbing)

Color: black/red
Weight: 990 g (±15 g) • 34.9 (± 0.5 oz)
Size: UNI

A (cm)    60 - 130
A (in)    24 - 51
B (cm)    35 - 70
B (in)    14 - 27
C (cm)    150 - 200
m (g)    990

Singing Rock Tarzan Light beülő



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